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Unleashing hidden talents

We find people for your business with special talents.

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Are you struggling filling positions and agencies continue delivering just wrong profiles?

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We show you candidates no one else would find
Our candidates consider career path change and we consult them on what new way is the best. They are not on the open market and take time to prioritize their skills
Skills-oriented interview
  • We discover the best developed hard and soft skills of every candidate
  • We identify the best possible ways of further career development for a candidate
Finding the matching new career way
  • We make the list of possible further career steps for a candidate
  • We find gaps in skill set and close them
Connecting to an employer
  • We offer our candidates to employers' FTE vacancies
  • We offer our candidates for short-term internships
  • We form teams for short-term projects of an employer (MBA-style project work)

Ekaterina Fedorova (LinkedIn)
Founder, Recruiter, Career Consultant
I have 12 years of recruiting experience in both agency and in-house.

My main values are high standard customer service, quick delivery and flexibility for both candidates and business.

I am building a high pace recruiting business, targeting diverse candidates and taking care of their needs. We don't just close vacancies - we change the market, making it more flexible and diverse.
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